Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Category: Productivity

($1.99) This app promises to perform paper document scanning using your mobile device's built-in camera. To that end, it performs admirably. 

In practice, you take a photo, and TurboScan automatically attempts to correct any "keystone" distortion caused by taking the photo off-axis (which is often necessary to avoid reflections from lights). It then converts the image to a high-contrast document (you can optionally choose to save it as a full-color photograph) which you can save, email or export as a PDF or JPEG file. Using the "Open PDF in..." option, we choose upload scanned documents directly to our online DropBox account by choosing the DropBox app. 

Quality of the resulting "scans" is remarkable (we're using iPhone 4 cameras - 4s/5 cameras would be even better, and TurboScan warns that 3/3G/3GS and iPod touch cameras produce inferior quality images) - better than a photocopier of yesterday.


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